Ten Tips for Reducing and Preventing Stress!

Let’s face it: life can be stressful! Although we may not be able to eliminate stress. You can do your best to help minimize stressful situations. Don’t let stress get the best of you!  The following simple tips and tricks can help you stay healthy:

1.    It’s ok to say “not right now”. Don’t let others manage your time.
2.    Value yourself. Don’t wait for others approval.
3.    Be flexible, forget about being perfect.
4.    Plan for some fun and relaxation everyday.
5.    Focus on accomplishments rather than shortcomings.
6.    Practice changing negative thoughts into positive ones.
7.    Take care of yourself. Diet, Exercise and adequate sleep
8.    Surround yourself with positive, cheerful people.
9.    Break a big project into smaller, manageable tasks
10.    Use a family calendar to keep track of commitments, due dates and  events.