Online Health and Safety Training!

What is E – Learning

 E-Learning refers to learning and supportive resources that are made available through a computer.


If you like to learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your own environment our e-learning courses are for you. Using a computer, you work through the modules using the many features of electronic learning such as built-in links to supporting information and documents, engaging graphics, interactive learning activities

E Learning Benefits

Individuals who take e-courses experience significantly higher rates of retention than those taking classroom courses. Content is delivered in smaller, more manageable units. Individuals can skim material they know, and review material that is new to them. 

 Administrative Benefits

 Individuals can take e-courses when they need to learn about a subject – not when an instructor is   available to give a course. 

 Uniformity of course content

All trainees see and hear exactly the same content when they take an e-course. If your employees take  classroom courses delivered at different times or by different instructors, the material that is delivered may vary from one course to another.

Anywhere and anytime scheduling

Individuals can take e-courses at times that suit the organization’s schedule, anywhere that there is an Internet-connected computer. Employees do not need to be away from work for extended periods of time.

Easy tracking

An organization can automatically track employees’ progress through e-learning programs. Learning Management Systems typically track the dates an individual has been in a course, the time spent, and their scores on any exams.

Significant cost savings

As well as reducing training time, using e-learning programs eliminates the need for travel and its attendant expenses for both instructors and students. A study reported in Training Magazine indicated that organizations save 50-70% on training costs when they use e-learning programs instead of classroom courses.

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