WSIB Workwell Audit? Help!

Under section 25 of Occupational Heath and Safety Act states that employers in Ontario “shall ensure that they prepare and review a written occupational health and safety policy, and develop and maintain a program to implement that policy”. Industries must have a written plan on how they will ensure that everyone is going to follow the safety rules and policies, as stated in the health and safety manual. The health and safety manual should include policies, procedures, personal responsibility regarding safety, emergency preparedness details, instructions pertaining to safety hazards and injured workers; provide training to workers, details pertaining to safe work operation including identifying who has the ability to do specific tasks.

 Employers must develop a Health and Safety Program in order to prepare for a WSIB’s WorkWell Audit and to bring their company up to compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations. Therefore companies that have an effective safety program in place experience fewer accidents in the workplace. Fewer workplace accidents equates to a substantial savings in WSIB costs related to those workplace accidents.

 Unsafe companies increase insurance and compensation costs for everyone, the WSIB WorkWell program performs on-site health and safety evaluations of firms when their injury experience indicates that there is a higher risk of injury at their workplace. These evaluations help workplaces identify weaknesses in workplace health and safety programs and practices. Fewer injuries and illnesses leads to improved production, less downtime and better worker morale.

Workwell evaluators will complete the first audit and if the employer fails to achieve 75% they return for a second audit usually in approximately 6 months. If the employers fails to pass the second audit they will be fined based on their score and premium payment.

Workwell Audit compliance can be a complex and time consuming task, therefore discussing options with a firm specializing in Occupational Health and Safety and Workwell Audits may be a great option.