Accident Investigations…

You should always investigate an accident immediately after first aid/health care treatment has been provided to the worker. Obtain a signed statement from the injured worker as soon as possible or, if a signed statement is not possible, obtain a statement by phone.

Interview everyone who may have seen the accident and get witness statements. Ensure the witness reads and clearly understands the statement, and have the witness sign and date it.

If statements are provided in a language other than English, identify the interpreter and the language used. Have a third person witness the interview – a union representative, where applicable. Also get written statements from any worker who was in view of the accident, but did not see anything.

Visit the site of the accident to prepare drawings of the layout of the area and to take photographs of any equipment and materials involved. Do not clean up or re-arrange the site until after the investigation has been completed. Sending this information to the WSIB to include in the claim file may be helpful if any contentious issues arise at a later date.