WSIB Revised the Form 8!

The WSIB launched a revised Form 8 on March 28, 2011. It says the form was revised “to facilitate early intervention and improve recovery and return-to-work outcomes which will help achieve reduced claim duration.” The revised form emphasizes low back, shoulder and fracture injuries, as well as prescription medications.

It now asks the healthcare professional to provide functional abilities information to the WSIB and the employer, as part of the revised Form 8. The healthcare professional is to ensure the worker signs off on the functional abilities section, and advise the worker to give that page to his/her employer.

A full Functional Abilities Form (FAF) is now only to be completed when a healthcare professional is asked by the worker or employer on subsequent visits to do so. The WSIB will not pay for an FAF submitted on the same day as the Form 8.
The WSIB has also introduced two different fees along with the revised form, depending on who completes the form. Physicians are paid $65 for sending in hard copies of the Form 8, and $75 for doing it online through the WSIB’s eProvider service. Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Registered Nurses continue to be paid the current fee of $33. The WSIB says physicians are paid more because they are the only ones who can provide information about prescribed medications and opioid treatment.