First Aid Training in Vaughan!

The value of First aid and CPR training has been proven many times in Ontario workplaces over the years. A first aider can preserve life, promote recovery and prevent further injury. When 911 has been called the paramedics typically arrive in 8-10 minutes. The 8-10 minutes before the authorities arrive may be critical regarding the survival of a casualty. This is where a competent and certified first aid respondent can make the difference.

Providing first aid training for employees is a legal as well as a corporate social responsibility of the employer. Some modules that typical first aid programs cover:

Emergency Scene Management, Shock, Unconsciousness and Fainting, Choking, CPR, Defibrillators Burns, Severe Bleeding, Medical Conditions.

First aid and CPR training gives the average person the competency to assist in an emergency situation and make a difference. It not only makes great sense for an employer to train a portion of the employees its also a responsibility under WSIB Regulation 1101.

We conduct many variations of first aid and CPR courses at our Vaughan training centre and we also travel throughout Ontario to workplaces in order to conduct courses on site.