The Importance of Forklift Training and Certification!

Lift trucks are used in many industries and primarily to move materials. In Ontario, 19 workers were killed, 269 were critically injured and 7027 lost time from work in forklift related accidents from 1998 – 2004. Out of 19 fatalities 11 occurred between 2001 and 2002.Two thirds of the fatalities involved the operators and one third involved pedestrians being struck by the lift truck. Forklifts tipping over, collisions, loads collapsing and striking pedestrians are some of the most common types of incidents.

The most frequently written Ministry of Labour Orders pertain to load handling capacity followed by the employer’s duty to provide information, instruction and supervision and maintaining the equipment, materials and protective devices in good condition. Employers must demonstrate due diligence in recognizing, assessing and controlling the hazards associated with forklift operation. A disregard for forklift maintenance or forklift training and certification may result in Ministry of Labour orders or fines.

Forklift training must have a theoretical and practical component. Topics to be discussed in the theory portion include, lift truck and load stability, pedestrian safety awareness, preventative maintenance, fuel sources, safe operating procedures and much more.

We perform Forklift Training and Certification in Vaughan at our training centre and we also travel to workplaces throughout Ontario to provide training for forklift, reach truck, order picker and scissor lift.