Construction Health and Safety Supervisor Training in Vaughan!

This course is designed for participants with a minimum of five years practical construction industry experience and currently employed by a company in the construction sector. All successful participants receive a wall certificate of completion and the employer receives records of training.

Often workers are promoted to a supervisory position because of their high-quality work and experience. This program teaches those workers how to be an effective supervisor by explaining their
role, responsibilities and how to prevent accidents by recognizing, assessing and controlling hazards. It is the employers responsibility to ensure competent supervisors are employed by providing training and education.

This one day interactive workshop features, video, case studies and a test to evaluate learning. Program Content Includes:
• Elements of supervision
• Specific construction health and safety hazards
• Legal responsibilities
• Health and safety programs
• Accident investigation
• Workplace inspection

Who Should Attend?

Construction supervisors, owners and health and safety officers