Forklift Safety Tips! Forklift Training in Vaughan, Concord and surrounding areas…

Lift trucks, when used properly are great assets to a company, but can cause a great deal of property damage and serious injury if used recklessly. A 5,000 lb capacity lift truck weighs approximately 9,000 lb. The weight of the load is another 5,000 lb. Total weight is approximately 14,000 lb.

Always comply with Guidelines for the Safe Operation of Lift Trucks listed below:

• No part of a load must pass over any worker.
• Ensure forklift is in good working condition (circle check) before operating.
• Always use seatbelt when operating a counter balance lift truck.
• An unattended forklift must be immobilized and secured against accidental movement.
• No load may exceed the maximum rated load and loads must be handled in accordance with the height and weight restrictions as per vehicles capacity plate.
• When load is in raised position, the controls must be attended by an operator.
• If operator does not have clear view of path, a signaler must be used for managing traffic.
• Loads must be carried as close to the ground or floor as the situation permits.
• Loads that may tip or fall and endanger a worker must be secured.
• Where a forklift is required to exit or enter a vehicle to load or unload that vehicle must be secured against accidental movement.
• A forklift must not be used to support, raise or lower a worker on a construction site and must only be so used in an industrial establishment if work is carried out in accordance with Regulation 851 (section 52).
• Barriers, warning signs, designated walkways or other safeguards must be provided where pedestrians are exposed to a risk of collision.

In addition to the above stated safe operating procedures always follow safety procedures specific to the workplace.

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