Health and Safety Due Dilligence Court Measures!

The following are key court measures which determine whether due dilligence steps have been taken:

Knowledge of Legal Obligations: Employer must be up to date on all current legislation and it must be reflected in the policies and procedures

Knowledge of Hazards: Performing workplace inspections and taking the information on inspections, near misses and accident reports to prevent futute incidents

Ongoing Action to Correct Hazards: Development and continuous improvement to safe work procedures and health and safety program

Written Health and Safety Policies and Procedures: Written, available and up to date procedures for all hazardous tasks at the workplace and proof of implementation

Orientation and Training: New hire safety orientation training program and ensuring all supervisors are competent regarding health and safety

Workplace Communication: Circulating hazard alerts and posting relevant materials in common areas. Proof of communication on hazards and new procedures

Enforcement: Enforcement of safe work practices with proof of written disciplines

Documentation: Have all the the following documentation up to date and available, safe work procedures, policies,  records of training, inspections, preventative maintenance records, records of discipline, JHSC meeting minutes and new hire orientation documents.