Forklift Training in Vaughan

A  forklift is a heavy piece of equipment and deserves to be treated with respect by the operator and others that come in close proximity to it. If operated in an unsafe manner, this equipment can cause extensive damage to surrounding fixtures, buildings, cargo, or worst of all, major injury or death to operators or others.

Governments are implementing more stringent occupational health and safety regulations relating to forklift operation. In response, many companies are recognizing the importance of safety in the workplace and are reviewing the safety records of their warehouse and material handling operations. The Forklift Safety Program is designed to help the operator be more aware of safe operating practices while operating any type of a lift truck. It is an awareness program and an attitude check on what makes a safe lift truck operator. This course consists of both classroom instruction with discussion portion and a hands-on portion. Each operator will be required to demonstrate his or her knowledge and skills while operating a motorized lift truck.

The following are some topics addressed in the training program:

Elements of a professional operator Inspection and safety checks
Proper and safe refueling
Forklift maneuvering techniques
Transporting and depositing a load Ramp
Dock operation

Each course meets all relevant government and industry standards.  Training courses include both classroom and practical (hands-on) segments, review/recap of materials discussed, question & answer periods and a written evaluation.  Upon successful completion, each participant receives a certificate and record of training. Training can be conducted at our on site multi-media facility or at individual customer worksites.  Customized courses to meet individual company needs are available upon request.

Purpose for Forklift Training:
To train operators on all aspects of safe lift truck operation for Counterbalance Forklifts.

More In Class Topics Include:

•The definition of Material Handling
•ITA Classifications of Equipment
•Importance of Training
•The Operator: Attitude, Rules and Guidelines, Authorization
•Safe / Unsafe Practices
•Maneuvering Skills
•Stability Factors
•How to Approach Ramps
•Load Capacities
•Adverse Operating Conditions: Obstructed Vision, Uneven Terrain, Overhead Conditions, Blind Corners, etc.
•The Load: Landing Point Load Limits, Transporting the Load, Placing the Load, etc.
•Inspection and Maintenance, Engine, Electrical System, Hydraulics, Warning Devices, etc.
•Safe Refueling, Gas / Propane Handling
•Review of CSA, Occupational Health and Safety and Ministry of Labour Regulations 
Practical Training Topics Include:
•Pre-operational Inspection
•Operation of Equipment: Loading / Unloading, Narrow Aisles, Blind Corners, Proper Shutdown Procedures
•Operator Evaluation (Driving Test)

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