WSIB Clearance Certificate… Why Obtain it???

Make sure you always obtain a WSIB clearance certificate from all contractors before allowing them to perform any work at your business premises!
Under the WSIB’s new clearance certificate system, the Principal who directly retains a contractor must obtain a clearance certificate before allowing the contractor to do any work. If the clearance certificate expires or is revoked, work must stop immediately. Clearance certificates are valid for 90 days. Principals and contractors must keep clearance certificates for three years. Failure to do so may result in the Principal being held liable for either some or all of the subcontractor’s WSIB payment obligations, plus interest for non-compliance.
If you do hire contractors, you should use the WSIB’s e-clearance system which makes it easy to get a clearance certificate, to check the validity of a clearance certificate, and to view the status of a clearance certificate at any time. The WSIB’s mobile access system may also be helpful for some employers, although not all information can be accessed through that medium.