Fire Warden Duties and Responsibilities Training in Vaughan, Woodbridge, Concord, Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto

Fire Wardens must be competent and confident in the event of an Emergency.
When the fire alarm sounds, proceed as follows:
1. Don your Fire Warden Vest or hat
2. Move immediately to your designated area.
3. Assess whether the cause of the alarm is in your area.
4. Gently but firmly encourage people to leave the area.
5. Bang loudly on locked doors, and shout to occupants to evacuate. Do not spend unnecessary time waiting at a locked door for a response.
6. Should an individual refuse to leave, note their location.
7. Assist to direct building occupants to their closest emergency exit. Should the exit be blocked, direct the occupants to a secondary exit.
8. Follow the last person from your zone and close any fire doors behind you.
9. Do not use elevators.
10. Direct people down stairways single file on the right hand side, to allow access for responding emergency personnel.
11. Try to keep occupants calm during and after the evacuation.
12. Once outside of the building, direct the occupants from your zone to stand a safe distance away from the building. This distance should be a minimum of 100 metres.
13. Should you have important information for the Fire Department, such as location of individuals unable or unwilling to leave, location of the fire, or materials involved in the fire, appoint a trusted person to take charge of the occupants of your zone and report to the nearest Fire Fighter.
14. Do not allow anyone to return to the building, even if the alarm stops. You will be directed to return by the Fire department.
15. During your evacuation, you may encounter an individual who will be unable to exit down stairs due to a disability or other barrier. Assist these individuals to a “safe” location (ie. stairwell landing, or an area behind a fire door). Note this location and inform Fire personnel to rescue.