Young Worker Health and Safety… A Guide for Parents!

Talking to teens about safety at work: A guide for parents
Why are teen workers at risk?
• Statistics show that young workers are least 10% more likely to have an injury an injury at work, and the most injuries happen during the first year on the job.
Because of the nature of the work they do, their lack of experience, their eagerness to please, and the way they think about risk.

Teens should look out for these hazards at work:
• Physical hazards
• Chemical hazards
• Biological hazards
• Ergonomic hazards
• Psychosocial hazards

What can teens do to stay safe?

Teens can learn about hazards and how to control them, but it’s just as important for them to know thier legal rights when it comes to workplace safety. Like all workers in Ontario, teens have:
 The right to know
 The right to participate
 The right to refuse unsafe work

What are employers required to do to keep teens safe?
Employers and supervisors have legal obligations when it comes to workplace safety.

For employer, that means things like:
• Making sure that your teen is given health and safety training and has all necessary safety equipment
• Ensuring your teeen and his or her supervisor know about hazards amd how to work safely, and
• Taking every reasonable precaution to try to keep your teen and his or her coworkers from getting hurt

For supervisor is responsible for:
• Ensuring your teen follows the law and the company’s safety rules
• Making sure your teen works safely and knows how to use – and actually uses- any required safety equipments.
• Telling your teen about any potential or real hazards
• Like employers, taking reasonable precaution to try to keep workers from getting hurt

How can you protect your teen?
• Talk to your teen
• Visit the workplace (look for the safety of equipments and chemicals)

What can you do if you think a job is unsafe?
• let your kids know they have your support
• encourage your teen to talk to a supervisor
• report to the ministry of labour
• make a judgement call