Understanding the WSIB NEER System Training

NEER (New Experimental Experience Rating) is a claims cost driven employer plan linked to prevention and early and safe return to work. It redistributes premiums within each rate group via refunds or surcharges
This workshop will breakdown and simplify a NEER firm summary statement and a NEER claim cost statement.
Learning Objectives include:
•What is NEER and how the system works
•Build a NEER cost and firm summary statement
•Calculate an employer refund or surcharge
•How to keep NEER statement costs low
•Acquiring SIEF claim cost relief
•Cost breakdown and explanation of all the numbers on a NEER statement
•Strategies to help receive a rebate every year
Who Should Attend: Human Resource Managers, Health and Safety Coordinators, Payroll Managers, Owners, Supervisors

Participants Receive: Wall Certificate of Completion

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