Forklift Operator Safety Training Tips!

 Industrial workplaces have come to rely on forklift trucks for their ability to lift and transport just about any load around the plant. The power of forklifts makes them indispensable, but also dangerous. Often when employees grow accustomed to using forklifts they tend to stop thinking of them as a safety hazard, and forget or neglect to follow some important operating and maintenance procedures. When forklift injuries occur, they’re usually serious given the tremendous weight of those powerful machines. Employees must be trained to work safely with forklifts, not just when they’re hired but periodically thereafter. Refresher training for the experienced operator is just as important as first-time training for new employees

No one must ride or operate a forklift truck except for a trained forklift operator who is able to maintain control of the forklift and operate it smoothly when stopping, starting, lifting and tilting.

When travelling Keep your hands, arms, head, feet and legs inside the forklift truck. Travel with forks as low as possible from the floor and tilted back. Obey posted traffic signs. Decrease speed at all corners, sound horn and watch the swing of both the rear of the lift truck and the load. Avoid sudden stops. If the load blocks your vision, travel slowly in reverse. Traveling on incline Keep the forks pointed downhill without a load, and pointed uphill with a load. Do not attempt to turn the lift truck until it’s on level ground.