Smokers Need Not Apply??

Smokers need not apply?

 Some firms prefer not to hire smokers. Many health organizations, including the world health organizations and the American cancer society, have taken a position to only hire non smoker. With consideration to links between smoking cancer as health agencies we want to set a good example and be consistent with our mission which. is the eradication of cancer and the enhancement of the quality of life of people living with cancer. For the most part, employers know having smokers on staff can mean more lost time, indirect health care costs, longer breakers and less productivity.

 If an employer does provide the time the time to go for a smoking cessation program on company time, whether its onsite or wherever it says to them “ok they’re not just having this non smoking policy and doing nothing, they’re doing this and the reason why is the health part.” But the controversial question is whether a no-smoking policy should reach beyond the workplace into the personal lives and choices of employees.

Some workers may take offence to a policy that purports to tell employees how to live their lives when they are not at work. The risk to employees is that some otherwise good workers may be put off by policies perceived to be too far reaching.