Emergency Evacuation Procedures in Ontario

Are your building’s fire evacuation procedures being implemented? 

Yes, as part of our annual fire training, all occupants are taught to evacuate as quickly and effectively as possible.  Occupants are to respond immediately upon hearing the designated tone of the fire alarm, and to form two lines moving down the stairwell.

Are you following proper fire evacuation procedures? 

Yes, for example, once the fire alarm is activated in our building, we follow through with the complete evacuation.  If it is discovered to be a false alarm, we do not attempt to stop the evacuation midway, but allow the occupants to continue the evacuation process.

Are your procedures aligned with the contents of your fire safety plan? 

Yes, we continually review the contents of the approved/stamped fire safety plan to ensure that our entire fire supervisory team is familiar with their tasks.  We verify all positions are filled including the building emergency coordinator, fire warden, deputy fire warden, searchers and buddies.

Are we permitted to change or notify the evacuation procedures? 

Evacuation procedures within the fire safety plan have been approved by the fire department, and should be followed as closely as possible.  In the event that building operators wish to modify the procedures, these must be submitted to the fire department for review and acceptance