Making the Job Offer: Points to Consider

You have finally found the perfect candidate for the job. Now all that’s left to do is to make them an offer they can’t refuse. The right talent can be tough to find in today’s marketplace, so keep the following tips in mind when closing the deal with your new employee-to-be.


  • Move fast. Don’t risk losing your candidate to another organization. Plus, you will minimize his or her stress levels and show your enthusiasm by reaching out quickly.
  • Put it in writing. This formalizes your offer and for candidates who might be managing multiple interviews, and possibly multiple offers, it helps keep them organized.
  • Provide a deadline. A new job is life-changing, so give your candidate a reasonable window of time to consider and respond to your offer.
  • Be specific. Explain salary and benefits as thoroughly as possible. Clearly outlining corporate perks, advancement opportunities and your unique workplace culture is a bonus.


  • Forget to call. Call with the good news first and follow it up in writing. Calling is a great way to convey your excitement and gauge the candidate’s. 
  • Misinterpret hesitancy. Some candidates may hesitate to accept as part of their negotiation strategy or simply because they have legitimate reservations. Work with them to address their concerns.
  • Lose contact. Stay in touch with your candidate throughout their deliberation process so you have a better idea of what his or her decision might ultimately be. 
  • Avoid explaining why the position is vacant. This question usually gets asked further in the process. Develop a trusting relationship early on by being forthcoming