Ontario Employers Receive Large MOL Fines!

 With the introduction of the Bill C-45 amendments to the Criminal Code, occupational health and safety regulation, prosecution and conviction have been on the rise across Canada. Recently, Vale Canada Limited and Metron Construction were given record fines in occupational health and safety and criminal negligence convictions, respectively. In Vale’s case, the company entered a plea of guilty and agreed to pay a fine of $1,050,000 for a double fatality, when an uncontrolled release of broke rock, or “muck”, buried one worker and struck and killed another worker in a Sudbury area mine. In Metron Construction’s case, the company pleaded guilty to one count of criminal negligence causing death, under the Criminal Code of Canada, in relation to the death of four workers who fell when a swing stage scaffold collapsed. In their decison a sentence appeal, the Court of Appeal for Ontario increased the fine against Metron Construction from $200,000 to $750,000, describing the higher fine as a “fit fine in the circumstances”.