Interview Tips…How to Ace it!

  • Know the company and their brand.
    Chances are you have applied for numerous jobs over the past couple of weeks and it is understandable if you get confused with the various companies and their exact roles. When you get a call-back for an interview, don’t delay in researching the company. Try to find the job ad you applied for so you know the role requirements and learn everything you can about who will be interviewing you and the company itself. Nothing will impress the interviewer more than a candidate who understands the role, the company, and seems interested in the company.
  • Exhibit confidence and grace from the time you enter the parking lot.
    This means wearing an outfit that needs little adjusting and by giving yourself enough time, you won’t walk in a rush or trip. Some interviewers and other staff will watch you from the time you arrive to the time you sit in their office. They watch to see if you speed through the parking lot in a disrespectful way, park haphazardly, and if you are on time. Your confidence will shine through if you look nice, arrive on time, and move with strong posture.
  • Be prepared to ask questions and to answer questions.
    This is one of the biggest downfalls you can have. Sure, you know about your resume history and work experience but how will you answer the dreaded questions like, what is your biggest strength/weakness, why did you choose our company, what’s one thing you could change about an old boss? Know the answer to avoid the awkward silence and sloppy reply. Also, you should have questions ready for the interviewer. It doesn’t have to be a deep, philosophical question but have something in your head to ask when you’re done with the interview. Ask questions about the company, not salary or vacation days, but rather find out about the role itself, management style, and other culture related questions.
  • Follow up.
    Send a quick email to each person with whom you interviewed. After a reasonable amount of time has passed and you still haven’t heard, take the time to reach out to the hiring manager to find out about the position. It is a good practice to see where you could have improved but keep in mind, you didn’t get the position so don’t grovel. Retain your dignity but ask for honest feedback so you can actually improve and get a job that may be a better fit.

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