Mediator in Vaughan for Workplace Dispute Resolution

Mediation services in Vaughan can be helpful when 2 or more parties are having a dispute that is causing problems in your workplace. The conflict may be affecting the employees involved in the conflict, other employees or managers, or the organization as a whole.

Often organizations wait until a conflict has reached a point of crisis before hiring a mediator for help. While mediation can be helpful in resolving disputes that are wreaking havoc in your organization, it is more beneficial to seek the services of a mediator before the situation gets out of hand.

There are numerous benefits of mediation for the workplace. These range from saving costs and increasing productivity to increasing employee loyalty, commitment and personal satisfaction of their jobs. Mediation can also prevent costly litigation from occurring.

The steps performed during a mediation process in the workplace are described below.

  1. I begin the mediation process by privately interviewing each individual involved in the dispute. 

    This interview provides an opportunity for the individuals to express their interpretation of the conflict without interruption from the other party. It also allows all parties to clarify what their needs are before attempting to explain them to the others involved.We also discuss the potential needs of each person involved. This is an important beginning to opening the perspective of the parties so that they can more easily hear the feelings and needs of others during the mediation process.

    This initial interview also involves a discussion of expectations about how the mediation will be conducted. The mediation process is explained, and an agenda for the mediation is developed. Guidelines for behavior on the part of the participants are established, and I emphasize the necessity of maintaining an objective frame of mind throughout the mediation process.

    Finally, during this meeting, there is an opportunity to quell anxieties about the mediation to ensure the parties will feel safe throughout the process, and to develop trust in the mediator’s neutrality, objectivity, and competency.

  2. Once expectations and needs are established, the next step is to meet with all parties. This meeting involves four separate steps:
    1. Establish an agenda using neutral language. We create a list of issues and the order in which they will be discussed.
    2. Identify and explore the interests and needs of each party for each of the issues on the agenda. During this step, the parties are encouraged to speak directly to each other and acknowledge the comments made by one another. Active listening methods are used and encouraged to ensure the parties feel that their position and needs are being heard and understood.
    3. Brainstorm for a solution. The solution must meet the needs of all parties. This step generally happens fairly quickly once everyone’s needs are clear and acknowledged.
    4. Establish a specific agreement based on the solutions discussed. Depending on the particular conflict, it may be necessary to put the agreement on paper. However, conflict resolution in the workplace is largely about establishing trust. Once this is done, and everyone is confident their needs have been heard and understood, the solutions are often easy to see and understand, making a written agreement unnecessary.

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