New schedule of workplace inspection blitzes, province-wide and regional initiatives

The Ministry of Labour is publishing its provincial year-long enforcement initiatives and regional initiatives, in addition to its oft-publicized enforcement blitzes, which typically run for a month or two. This enhances the transparency of the ministry’s enforcement efforts.

As part of the Safe At Work Ontario strategy, the ministry’s occupational health and safety inspectors have consistently conducted proactive inspection blitzes on sector-specific hazards, which are designed to focus on key issues, raise awareness and increase compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA).

Meanwhile, provincial inspection initiatives allow for each of the ministry’s occupational health and safety programs to heighten their enforcement focus year-round for those hazards or issues that have been identified by the ministry, system partners or stakeholders.

Provincial inspection initiatives are designed to mobilize inspectors and the health and safety system to focus on hazards that are either high-risk or have a high number of injuries. Details of provincial initiatives will be published in the ministry’s sector plans later this year.

Regional initiatives are also part of the Safe At Work Ontario strategy. These initiatives allow the ministry to mobilize its enforcement efforts and focus on issues that may prevail in a specific area of the province (e.g., wineries, which are mainly located in southwestern Ontario).

Regional initiatives may be limited to one or two months or run up to two years, depending on the size of the sector.