Rethinking The Termination Process

Rethinking the Termination Process

If a seemingly normal person can turn so violent during a termination, do we need to change the way we think about the termination process? On April 9th, a stabbing rampage at an office left former employee Chuang “Ray” Li with a long list of criminal charges, and HR representatives in shock. Li was being terminated and proceeded to get involved in stabbing some of his bosses and other employees. When rethinking the termination process, consider the following factors prior to the termination meeting:

Location, location, location

The physical layout and seating of the room are important things to consider. Ensure that the room has good visibility, and is not one where the door can be locked. Hold the meeting in a location that is away from the employee’s primary worksite. Take note of any objects that are in the meeting room; when in the wrong hands, certain things can be used as a weapon.

Access to assistance

The room should be equipped with a telephone or some way to call for assistance. Ensure that you have a fast and easy access to the exit.


If a face-to-face meeting is not going to be the best way, consider having some security in attendance.

As an employer, it is crucial to be vigilant. Remember that while most terminations don’t involve people throwing things or getting violent, all terminations have some agree of risk attached.