Fall Arrest Rescue Plan – Top 5 Questions

In most companies, there is an effective fall arrest system in place to protect workers. However, many in the industry believe rescue is the most overlooked aspect of fall protection. Many times an effective rescue can be accomplished through the simplest plan possible

It is important to remember that 911 is not the only answer to fall protection rescue. This may be time consuming and resources may not arrive in time to prevent serious injury.

The individual should be brought down as promptly as possible. Hanging vertically in a harness can cause negative medical effects in a short timeframe, even in the absence of other trauma, and the body’s tolerance to suspension trauma varies significantly.


Important preparation areas include:

1)      Who will perform the rescue?

2)      Where can a rescue be performed?

3)      What equipment will be needed?

4)      How will the fallen worker get safety to the ground?

5)      What advance training will be needed?