JHSC Certification…… The New Training Standard!

What’s to come….

Minimum durations have been set for the training programs to ensure adequate time is available for program delivery: The minimum hours for training are: a. Part One training – three days (or 19.5 hours) b. Part Two training – two days (or 13 hours) c. Refresher training – one day (or 6.5 hours)

EXAMPLE QUESTION – I am a certified member and just completed my  JHSC  certification training this year. Am I still a certified member once the 2014 standards come into effect?

Yes. If the 2014 standards and certification requirements come into effect, you would continue to be certified if you were certified under the 1996 standards. Current certified members would not need to retake certification training under the 2014 standards.

If you have any further questions or would like to book training please let us know!