Seven Steps to Effective Forklift Training

Occupation Health and Safety guidelines state that forklift training should be thorough, practical as well as theoretical in nature.


1.      Check the credentials: Make sure the trainer has work experience and is certified on paper.

2.    Site visit:  Conditions can vary from one establishment to the next for training purposes.

3.    Ensure the program is thorough: An effective program should also cover “off the truck” activities as well.

4.    Provide time for classroom instruction: Topics covered should include accident prevention, driving skills, fueling and charging, inspecting the truck, load handling, pedestrian hazards, dangers of complacency, and dock hazards.

5.    Provide the time, space, and vehicles for hands-on training:  It is important for trainees to observe an experienced person and operate/practice on their own.

6.    Evaluate and certify: A formal evaluation should be provided as well as a designated certification.

7.    Train pedestrians if possible: People working around these vehicles face hazards as well.