The Ministry of Labour and the Occupational Health and Safety Act requires workplaces to obtain the Joint Health and Safety Committee Certification (JHSC). The training ensures that health and safety is maintained in a work environment. According to the law, if a workplace has 20 or more employees it must obtain a JHSC. One worker and one manager must be trained in the fundamentals of health and safety and both must be trained in workplace specific hazards. The individuals must be certified in part one and part two of the JHSC. Part one specializes in: Health and Safety Law, Roles and Responsibilities, Hazard Recognition, Assessment and Control, Workplace Health, Workplace Inspection, and Accident Investigation. Certification part two includes: Manual Materials Handling, Mechanical Materials Handling, Lockout, Guarding, Lifting Devices, Chemical, Violence and Harassment, Office Ergonomics, and Personal Protective Equipment. The two employees who are certified are required to conduct monthly inspections to identify health and safety issues and notify their employer immediately. JHSC training ensures that the province of Ontario is a healthier and safer place to work. The certification prevents injuries and hazards as well as provides greater protection. New standards for JHSC are expected to come into force late 2015.