WHMIS Training in Vaughan


Workplace Hazardous Material Information Systems ( WHMIS ) is a Canada-wide system designed to give employers and workers information about hazardous materials used in the workplace. Under WHMIS, there are three ways in which information on hazardous materials is to be provided;


  1. Labels on the containers of hazardous materials
  2. Material safety data sheets to supplement the label with detailed hazard and precautionary information; and
  3. Worker education programs.


The WHMIS program is a 2 hour program offered on-site at your location.  A one (1) hour WHMIS refresher program is also offered for those who have participated in the full program and are looking to fulfill the guidelines of annual recertification.


  • Legislation and duties applicable under WHMIS
  • Identify workplace hazardous material through WHMIS symbols and labels
  • Learn to read Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Recognize common hazards and harmful effects of hazardous materials
  • Identify various controls required to eliminate/reduce/prevent harmful exposures
  • Identify appropriate emergency procedures to use in response to exposure and accidental release


  • WHMIS Program – 2 to 2.5 hour program on-site at your location
  • WHMIS Refresher program* – One (1) hour program on-site at your location.


  • Classroom program
  • WHMIS Manual
  • Record of training
  • Written exam
  • Wallet certificates for each participant