Company Fined $70,000 After Worker Suffers Fracture

Avenue Building Corporation, a company that provides concrete formwork for construction projects, has received a fine of $70,000 after a worker was injured.

On February 12, 2013, a carpenter employed by the company and a second worker were working on a high-rise construction project at 2157 Lakeshore Boulevard West in Toronto. They were attempting to position a large wall form and were using a 12-foot-long, 4″ x 4″ piece of lumber as a lever. The piece of lumber broke and one of the workers stumbled forward and tripped. The worker suffered a fracture to one leg.

Ontario Regulation 213/91, the Construction Projects Regulation, states that “material or equipment at a project shall be stored and moved in a manner that does not endanger a worker.”

The incident proceeded to trial and the company was found guilty in court on February 3. Justice of the Peace Ajit Grewal imposed the fine in court on June 4.