New JHSC Certification Training Standards 2016!

Certification Standards

Current standards are in effect until February 29th, 2016.  If you have certified members in place you do not need to retrain them but in the future they will require refresher training.
Under the new Program Standard, there will be three JHSC Certification Training courses: Part One, Part Two, and Refresher Training.  All existing programs will need to be reassessed by the Ministry of Labour.  The two day courses will no longer be available as they will not comply with the new standard.  Way too much information in too short of time.
Part One Training will be 3 days (19.5 hours)
  • Topics include: occupational health and safety law; rights, duties and responsibilities; hazard recognition, assessment and control, and evaluation of hazard controls
  • Part 1 training will be valid for 3 years and then a one day refresher course will be required in the future
Part Two Training will be 2 days (13 hours)
  • Training on a minimum of 6 hazards relevant to the workplace
  • Training focuses on RACE methodology (Recognition, Assessment and Control of hazards, and Evaluation of the hazard controls)

Part 1 Refresher Training will be 1 day (6 hours)