Ontario man fined $6,000 for illegal use of “professional engineer” title when seeking job

An Ontario man has been found guilty of three counts of violating the Professional Engineers Act by using the protected title, “P.Eng.” in a resume and in communications with a construction firm at which he was seeking employment.

The construction firm had asked for confirmation of the man’s P.Eng. status on several occasions, and then called Professional Engineers Ontario which confirmed that he had never been a licenced professional engineer in Ontario.

The man was fined $2,000.00 on each of the three charges, for a total of $6,000.00.

Employers often retain professional engineers for safety-related advice, such as whether a machine is properly guarded.  Employers should take steps to confirm that the person holds a “P.Eng.” and a “Certificate of Authorization” that authorizes individuals and companies to carry on business offering and providing professional engineering services to the public.   The PEO maintains searchable online directories.