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Employers must train workers in hazard recognition and the care and safe use of equipment such as ladders and scaffolds, and fall protection systems.

  • Ladder Safety: Employees must be trained to properly use a ladder- this includes safety measures like:
    • Maintain three points of contact
    • Place the ladder on level footing
    • Always face the ladder
    • Secure the ladder by locking the metal braces at the center of the ladder
    • Don’t overreach
    • Don’t walk the ladder
  • Scaffold Safety: Employees must be trained to safely set up and use scaffolds- this includes safety measures like:
    • During setup: fully plank scaffolds, complete all guardrails, ensure stable footing and plumb and level
    • Ensure proper access to scaffolds
    • A competent person must inspect the scaffold before use
    • Don’t climb over cross braces
    • Don’t stand on guardrails
    • Don’t use a ladder on a scaffold
  • Roof Safety: Employees must be trained to avoid fall hazards on a roof and properly use fall protection equipment-this includes safety measures like:
    • Make sure your harness fits and is not defective when using PFAS
    • Always stay connected/tie off
    • Ensure that all anchor points are safe
    • Protect all holes, openings and skylights
    • Don’t sit or walk on skylights or other openings

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