10 Tips On How to Select A Great Workplace Trainer

The 10 things to look for in a great workplace trainer. The goal is facilitate a great learning experience so the adult learner can retain and understand the information and most importantly have an enjoyable training experience:
1. Trainers that do not recite boring lectures and talk at participants
2. Look for a trainer that facilitates, discusses and compromises with participants
3. Trainers that get participants involved in the learning process and ask questions to get their valued input
4. Trainers that encourage class discussion, that’s how adults learn
5. Loud and clear communicator
6. Addresses and answers all questions confidently
7. Must be friendly, polite and absolutely not arrogant or a know it all
8. Trainer must show enthusiasm, passion and have fun while ensuring the class learns
9. Trainer must not make the class all about him or her and constantly tell personal stories not related to topic.
10. The trainer must give real life situations or scenarios. This is how adults learn by relating to workplace scenarios that’s how adults learn best