Leadership Skills Training for Supervisors and Managers

Leadership is a skill for any role—not just managers. Learn how to become a more successful leader, improve communication, make better decisions, manage conflict and build a team.

Our half day program covers:
Module 1: Leadership at Every Level
Leaders need to:

Embrace change
Take initiative and responsibility
Treat everyone fairly
Act with authenticity
Develop their people
Communicate effectively
Maintain a long-term perspective

Module 2: The Power of Positive Discipline
To discuss six-step process to improve a situation:

1. Provide coaching
2. Issue a verbal warning
3. Prepare a written warning
4. Hold a formal discipline meeting
5. Monitor performance
6. Follow up

Module 3: Conflicts in the Workplace
How to resolve conflict:

1. Put yourself in other’s shoes
2. Practice active listening
3. Agree with something
4. Set limits if necessary
5. Use “I” versus “You” language
6. Disengage to cool off
7. Appeal to mutual self-interest
8. Attack the problem (not the person)