Scissor Lift Training Course

Scissor Lift Training Course Details
We provide a personalized certificate to our trainee after the completion of course. The certificate will mention the trainee name, the course he/she passed, the joining and completing period date, certificate number and also our company logo and information on the certificate in case any authenticity needs to verify about the course of the trainee.

Details of topics covered in the course of Scissor Lift Training are below:
OSHA Standards for Aerial and Scissor Lifts
Definitions of Related Terms
Aerial & Scissor Lift Accidents, Fatalities, and Causes
Operating Instructions
Safe Work Practices
Operator Training
Operator Responsibilities

Who needs this Scissor Lift Training?
Anyone who required operating a scissor lifting device for domestic & construction work.
A scissor lifting device required operating by Supervisors workers.
Committee Members or Representatives of Health & Safety department for inspecting scissor device in a work area.