First Aid and CPR in Vaughan, Woodbridge, Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto

All employers covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act are
required to have first aid equipment, facilities and trained personnel in
all workplaces.
Regulation 1101, incorporated into the Workplace Safety and Insurance
Act, states what each employer is obligated to provide.
Some of the requirements of Regulation 1101 are explained in further
detail: Guidelines for Contents of First Aid boxes (page 15), a description
of the poster known as Form 82 entitled “In Case of Injury at Work”
(page 15), and how to arrange first aid training for workers (page 20).
Regulation 1101
First Aid Requirements
1 (1) A first aid station shall contain,
(a) a first aid box containing the items required by this
Regulation; and
(b) a notice board displaying,
(i) the Board’s poster known as Form 82
(ii) the valid first aid certificates of qualification of the
trained workers on duty, and
(iii) an inspection card with spaces for recording the date
of the most recent inspection of the first aid box and
the signature of the person making the inspection.
(2) A first aid station shall be in the charge of a worker who
works in the immediate vicinity of the first aid station and who
is qualified in first aid to the standards required by this
First Aid Requirements | Regulation 1101
(3) First aid stations shall be so located as to be easily accessible for
the prompt treatment of any worker at all times when work is
in progress.
2 (1) A first aid box shall contain as a minimum the first aid items
required by this Regulation and all items in the box shall be
maintained in good condition at all times.
(2) The box shall be large enough so that each item is in plain view
and easily accessible.
3 Every employer shall at all times keep posted in other conspicuous
places in the place of employment the Board’s poster known as
Form 82 respecting the necessity of reporting all accidents and
receiving first aid treatment.
4 The expense of furnishing and maintaining first aid appliances and
services shall be borne by the employer.
5 Every employer shall keep a record of all circumstances respecting
an accident as described by the injured worker, the date and time of
its occurrence, the names of witnesses, the nature and exact location
of the injuries to the worker and the date, time and nature of each
first aid treatment given.
6 Employers shall inspect first aid boxes and their contents at not less
than quarter-yearly intervals and shall mark the inspection card
for each box with the date of the most recent inspection and the
signature of the person making the inspection.
7 The Board or its appointees may make inspections of first aid
stations, appliances, services and records.