Working at Height Training in Vaughan, Woodbridge, Markham, Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto

Proof of training

There are 3 ways employers can check that a worker’s training is valid.

  1. Accept a proof of completion record that was issued by either:
    • the Chief Prevention Officer
    • a training provider who has been approved by the Chief Prevention Officer
  2. Access a worker’s training information, with the worker’s consent, by creating a free and secure account through SkillsPass™.
  3. With the worker’s consent, contact the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development to confirm that the worker’s training is valid.

Workers can also get a digital copy of their training records online by setting up a free and secure account through SkillsPass™.  You will need your:

  • address provided when you registered for training
  • year of birth
  • email address and phone number (mobile, if possible)

To replace a lost or damaged record

If your training record was lost or damaged, you can either:

Validity period

Working at heights training is valid for 3 years after the successful completion of an approved program. After 3 years, workers need to successfully complete a refresher program to keep their training valid for another 3 years.

To be eligible for refresher training, workers must have previously successfully completed both modules of an approved working at heights training program. You can check eligibility status using our eligibility checker tool.

training provider who has been approved by the Chief Prevention Officer can deliver refresher training.

Employer duties

Make sure workers have valid training

As an employer, it is your responsibility to make sure that workers:

  • have valid working at heights training
  • are trained on any fall protection equipment they use

When checking that a worker’s training is valid, you should also make sure that the training provider was approved by the Chief Prevention Officer at the time the worker completed the training.

Workers do not need to complete another program when changing employers, as long as they’ve completed training within the last 3 years.

Keep training records

Employers must keep records of both working at heights training and fall protection training.

For working at heights training, you may keep either:

  • a copy of the worker’s proof of completion document
  • a record that includes the:
    • worker’s name
    • approved training provider’s name
    • name of the approved training program
    • date on which the training was successfully completed

As an employer, you must make a training record available to a Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development inspector on request. Learn more about health and safety inspections.