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  1. Introduction
    Suspended access equipment (SAE) refers to
    equipment, machinery, platforms, or other devices
    (including all rigging and components) that are
    suspended by support lines and are used by
    workers to gain access to the sides or high-angle
    surfaces of buildings or structures.
    With the increase in high-rise construction there has
    been a corresponding increase in the number and
    variety of applications for this type of equipment.
    Used correctly, these devices provide an excellent
    means of doing work. Used incorrectly, there can be
    a high risk of injury or fatality.
    This chapter will cover the following:
    • The main types of SAE used in construction,
    restoration, and maintenance work, which are
    suspended work platform systems (SWPS) and
    boatswain’s (or bosun’s) chairs
    • The legal requirements for set-up, rigging, and use
    of these types of SAE
    • The necessary provisions for fall protection
    • The need to assess each job carefully in order
    to select the equipment most suitable for safe,
    efficient operation.