Human Rights and Diversity in the Workplace Certification Workshop

This interactive workshop was designed for Human Resources Professionals, Health and Safety Mangers, Supervisors and Business Owners.

The objective of this training is to create awareness for the provisions of the Ontario Human Rights Code in order to help reduce conflicts in the workplace, improve employer due diligence and keep employers away from the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal.

This Workshop will cover:

  • Creating a workplace that complies with the code
  • Who is covered under the human rights code
  • The “prohibited grounds” defined and explained
  • What is discrimination and the different types
  • What is harassment and the different types
  • The employers duty to accommodate
  • Complaints, investigations and hearings
  • Strategies to prevent human rights issues at work
  • Many case law examples and case studies

Participant Receives:

  • Wall Certificate of Training and Resource Materials

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