COR™ Development Services and Assistance

The Certificate of Recognition (COR™) program is often required for contracts with both public- and private-sector construction projects in Ontario. Our team of health and safety experts will prepare your company to achieve COR™ compliance. Companies that have COR™ increase their chances when bidding on projects.  The process is broken down as follows:

  • Development and implementation of a Health and Safety program with all the required COR policies and procedures
  • Conduct all required training as per COR Audit requirements
  • COR Implementation and orientation of your Health and Safety program with all workers and supervisors
  • Familiarize Supervisors  and Workers with filling out required forms/documents for work site
  • Training needs analysis to determine if all training records are current as per COR program
  • To develop a COR Record of Training system (hardcopy)
  • Conduct internal audit to ensure company meets requirements and will be prepared for external audit


  • Must have an active WSIB account
  • A senior management Representative designated to oversee the Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OHSMS)
  • OHSMS must be in place for at least 1 year before the initial audit


The steps of initiating the process are as follows in this order:

  1. Register the WSIB account
  2. Training
  3. Internal & External Audit
  4. Achieving Certificate of Recognition
  5. Continual Improvement


Filling a COR Application form using your company information and your WSIB account, once registered the company can use the registration number for bidding purposes.


The designated senior manager will complete one course (COR Essentials) in class or online.

One designated full-time employee designated as the company internal auditor will complete 4 courses (COR Essentials) – (Basic Auditing Principles) – (COR Internal Auditor) – (Introduction to Hazard & Risk Management)

It is recommended to have more than one employee trained on these courses

Audit Scoring:

In order to pass any internal or external COR Audit, the company must achieve:

  1. An overall Score of 80%
  2. A minimum score of 65% on each COR element
  3. A 100% score on all legislated requirements


Please contact us for further information.