Narrow Aisle / Reach Truck Training

Our Narrow-Aisle Reach Truck training class and other programs consist of classroom theory, written testing, and practical hands-on experience.

Training content is delivered through multimedia presentations, interactive discussions, and practical demonstrations. This content is then reinforced through workbooks, handouts, and written testing.


  • Safety regulations and standards.
  • Fundamentals of lift truck operation.
  • Principles of stability, balance, and capacity.
  • Preventative maintenance procedures.
  • Pre-operational inspections.
  • General rules of the road/aisles.
  • Job site safety analysis.
  • Techniques for safe load handling.
  • Safe start-up procedures and shutdown procedures.
  • Steering and controls.
  • Refueling procedures for gas, diesel, and LPG lift trucks.
  • Charging and changing industrial batteries.
  • Designations for powered industrial trucks.

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