Construction Heater Propane Training CH-02

Workplace Law Consulting Inc. is TSSA approved training provider for CH-02 Construction Heater. This training program is designed to provide all participants with a level of knowledge and experience that meets TSSA standards. It will help ensure participants can safely activate, connect and disconnect propane torches, heaters and other propane fueled appliances. (Construction Heater Operator 2): A person who is the holder of a CH-02 certificate or the holder of a record of training for the purpose may perform the functions of a CH-01 on a construction heater or torch that has an input of 400,000 Btuh or less.

Course Outline:

  • Connection & Use of Construction Heaters Up To 400,000 BTU
    Activating, Connecting and Disconnecting Propane Heaters up to 400,000 BTU (British Thermal Units) from Piping, Tubing or a Propane Cylinder.
  • Connection & Use of Propane Torches
    This program educates participants on propane cylinders, how to use torches and regulators and regulating pressure from propane tanks to heaters.
  • Propane Cylinder Handling & Exchange
    Participants gain an understanding of the various types and sizes of propane cylinders; receiving and storage of cylinders at the construction site; transporting cylinders around the construction site; and regulatory requirements of cylinder use.

Duration: 4 hour course

Participants Receive: ROT wallet card and reference manual


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