Traffic Control Safety Training

Traffic control persons (TCPs) must be given written and oral instructions regarding their duties. Section 69(4) of the construction regulation should have the rules outlined.

The objective of traffic control is to…

  • To protect construction workers and the motoring public by regulating traffic flow.
  • To stop traffic whenever required by the progress of work. otherwise to keep traffic moving at reduced speeds to avoid tie-ups and delays
  • To allow construction to proceed safely and efficiently.
  • To ensure that public traffic has priority over construction equipment.

Stand the correct distance from the work area. Refer to TCP Table on the following page. Do not stand on the travelled portion of the roadway and always face oncoming traffic.

Don’t be distracted by talking to fellow workers or passing pedestrians. If you must talk to motorists, stay at your post and keep the conversation brief.

A worker shouldn’t direct vehicular traffic for more than one lane in the same direction and not direct a vehicular traffic if the normal posted speed limit of the public way is more than 90 km/per hour.

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