Human Resources Courses

We offer a variety of training courses and for the convenience of our clients we provide training at our client’s locations even on evenings and weekends. Our professional and knowledgeable trainers make the classes interesting and very informative for our adult learners.

Our training courses are offered in the following areas: Vaughan, Concord, Woodbridge, Markham, Richmond Hill, North York, Mississauga, Brampton, Newmarket, Oakville, Toronto.

WSIB Claims Management Workshop

This course will introduce the respective legislation to participants and will review accident reporting, managing workers’ compensation claims, and appealing claims. This course is designed to help you control the return to work process and reduce employer compensation costs.

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Workplace Violence and Sexual Harassment Training – Bill 132

The Occupational Health and Safety Act was amended with respect to violence and harassment in the workplace will be enforced by the Ministry of Labour inspectors.  The Act requires every employer in Ontario, to take specific steps, including developing a violence risk assessment and implementing a policy and program, to prevent and manage workplace violence and harassment.

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Managing OHS Inspector Visits

This workshop will discuss methods to manage the inspector effectively, reduce orders issued and prevent fines.

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Basic of Supervisor Safety Training

Are your supervisors competent? Do they know and understand their legal roles, responsibilities and duties? Are they able to recognize and control hazards? Can they perform health & safety activities adequately? Let us help bring your supervisors up to speed to effectively oversee a safe and healthy workplace.

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Social Media in the Workplace

The Workplace in the Social Media Age: Confronting the Challenges (and Opportunities)

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Occupational Health and Safety for HR Professionals

The purpose of this full day workshop is to educate busy and multi tasking HR Professionals with the essentials of occupational health and safety compliance.  This workshop provides participants with essential tools to develop and implement an effective health and safety program.

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WSIB Approved First Aid and CPR Training

Workplace Law Consulting Inc. teaches a program that is regulated and approved by the WSIB and Human Resources and Skills Development Canada approved to conduct Standard First Aid and CPR courses.

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Managing Terminations Workshop

Having the right knowledge and tools can help reduce the risk of liability regarding a costly wrongful dismissal case or a Ministry of Labour claim. This interactive course is a great for those involved in the termination process.

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Workplace Bullying and Harassment

Workplace Harassment Investigation

Many employers have faced complaints of human rights discrimination, harassment or violence in the workplace. Understanding how to handle and investigate a complaint will protect against employer fines, orders or charges.

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Employment Standards Training

This workshop is designed for human resource managers, industrial relations professionals, payroll professionals, business owners and managers. Ontario employers are required to comply with ever-changing labour and employment laws. Keeping your organization up to date and compliant requires continuous improvement.

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Accessibility for Ontarians Course (AODA)

The customer service standards under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act apply to most public sector organizations. These standards also apply to most private sector providers of goods or services.

Employers subject to the Act are required to ensure that accessibility awareness training is provided to every person who deals with members of the public on behalf of the employer, and employees in other roles.

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WSIB NEER System Training

NEER (New Experimental Experience Rating) is a claims cost driven employer plan linked to prevention and early and safe return to work. It redistributes premiums within each rate group via refunds or surcharges

This workshop will breakdown and simplify a NEER firm summary statement and a NEER claim cost statement.

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Ontario Human Rights Commission

Human Rights and Diversity in the Workplace Certification Workshop

This interactive workshop was designed for Human Resources Professionals, Health and Safety Mangers, Supervisors and Business Owners.

The objective of this training is to create awareness for the provisions of the Ontario Human Rights Code in order to help reduce conflicts in the workplace, improve employer due diligence and keep employers away from the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal.

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Stress Management Training

The stress management awareness workshop is a powerful program which enables participants such as managers, supervisors, employees to understand and manage stress-related events at work or home.

Participants learn skills and tools for dealing with the demands and pressures of change and transitions in their personal and professional lives.

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New Hire Safety Orientation Training

Young and new workers are particularly vulnerable to workplace injuries and incidents, mostly due to improper or non-existent training. This course is designed for employees that are new to your workplace or the workforce.

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Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Training

In Ontario, MSDs account for 42 per cent of all lost-time claims reported to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).  Direct costs to employers for these claims exceeded $3.3 billion. Indirect costs including lost productivity and training/retraining far exceeded the direct costs.

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Leadership Training for Supervisors and HR Managers

Improve your performance by increasing your effective leadership skills and be ready to meet the difficult challenges. Our leadership training course provides numerous avenues for enhancing the qualities of good leadership in you and in your team.

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Recruiting Process and Legal Issues to Consider Workshop

The recruitment and selection process can be a difficult and lengthy process. This course will assist organizations in having an understanding of recruitment and selection methods that will best guide organizations in choosing the right candidate for the job.

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Diverse group of Business People

Diversity Training

How valuing workforce diversity affects bottom-line business issues? What culture is and how it impacts perception, behaviour, values?  Participants will learn various diversity topics in this training course.

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Sensitivity Training

Sensitivity Training

The most successful organizations and professionals understand that being able to work well with others is critical in today’s increasingly diverse workforce. If you have co-workers, employees, or managers who don’t share the same beliefs, backgrounds, lifestyles, or traditions, then you – as well as your career – can benefit from our sensitivity training course.

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Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Training

This interactive course will help you learn skills to manage conflict within relationships, communities, and organizations and to work toward positive outcomes when conflict arises.

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