Diversity Training

Participants Will Learn:

  • How valuing workforce diversity affects bottom-line business issues;
  • What culture is and how it impacts perception, behaviour, values;
  • Why differences affect how people work, want to be managed and manage others;
  • To understand where false assumptions stem from so as to overcome biases and prejudice;
  • How to improve communication skills;
  • About the importance of surfacing, discussing and valuing differences so as to constructively manage workplace conflict;
  • How valuing differences prevents workplace discrimination and harassment.




Workshop content can provide information and activities about:

  1. Understanding diversity
  2. Immigration, changing demographics and today’s workforce
  3. Diversity business case
  4. Creating a healthy workplace by: valuing diversity, respecting differences, developing cross-cultural communication skills and cultural sensitivity
  5. Impact of visible and invisible differences on work and communication styles
  6. Understanding culture
  7. Culture and communication
  8. Impact of stereotypes, prejudice, biases, discrimination, harassment, racism
  9. Resolving diversity related conflict
  10. Developing a personal Diversity Action Plan



Participants will receive:

  • Reference manual
  • Wall Certificate





Half-day course

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