Truck Mounted Aerial Device – Bucket Truck

Participants will learn the legal requirements and procedures for the safe operation of a Truck Mounted Aerial Device. This training program will teach participants how to identify basic \hazards and controls critical to the safe operation of this equipment. Participants will become familiarized with the requirements outlined in the CSA and the OHSA.


  • Duties and Responsibilities of Employers, Supervisors and Workers
  • The 3 Basic Rights of Workers
  • The Safety Act and Safety Regulations
  • CSA Standard C225-10
  • Pre-Use equipment and safety inspections
  • Understanding the risks of using Aerial Work Platforms – People, Equipment, Materials and Environment
  • Working around power lines
  • Rules for the correct positioning of the platform
  • Rules for the operator
  • Fall Arrest and Fall Rescue requirements

Course duration is 5 hour and participants will receive a wall and wallet certificate upon successful completion.

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