Health and Safety Law Training for Managers and Supervisors in Vaughan, Concord, Woodbridge, Markham, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto

Organizations are legally responsible for appointing competent supervisors. To be competent means supervisors must be qualified to organize the work, aware of applicable legislation and know the hazards associated with the workplace. Charges, prosecutions and fines against individual supervisors and managers are on the rise. In many cases the individuals are not even aware they have health and safety liability.

Are your supervisors competent? Do they know and understand their legal roles, responsibilities and duties? Are they able to recognize and control hazards? Can they perform health & safety activities adequately? Let us help bring your supervisors up to speed to effectively oversee a safe and healthy workplace.

Ontario laws require managers and supervisors to understand applicable legislation and the meaning of “due diligence”. Due diligence is a legal defence to charges and has two specific requirements. First, employers must demonstrate that they have established a management system to identify, assess and control workplace hazards. Second, employers must demonstrate that they have effectively implemented a management system and enforced the policies and procedures.

Course content includes:

  • OHS legislation, Regulation and Code
  • Duties and responsibilities of managers, supervisors and the employer
  • Workers’ OHS rights to know, participate and refuse
  • Authority and powers of the MOL inspector
  • Legal liability, penalties and fines
  • Integrating OHS systems with managerial/supervisory functions
  • The Internal Responsibility System explained
  • Hazard identification, assessment and control methods
  • Implications of Bill C-45
  • WSIB claims
  • Human Rights
  • Employment standards
  • Accident reporting

Who should attend:
Operation managers, supervisors, workers’ compensation claims administrators, human resource managers, OHS managers, office managers, health and safety members and representatives.

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